3D scoreboards: a project I started in 2018 with thefaceoff.net, the hockey aesthetics blog site. On his site, he shows off the different team's video boards and screen graphics with a head-on view. I thought it might be cool to render the boards in 3D, and he agreed - we've been working on this project since. With the help of thefaceoff's head-on recreations, scoreboard screen dimensions, and some reference images, I recreate the board as accurately as I can in 3D. Then, I add textures and graphics to complete the process. For the NHL boards, thefaceoff provides most of the screen graphic components. At the end of the process, we have a pretty realistic scoreboard that we can render from just about any angle!


In addition to the NHL boards that I create with frozenfaceoff, I have also started creating boards for other leagues on my own. On this site you'll find some CHL scoreboards, and some of my own concepts!


Layer 2: textures

Layer 1: shape

Layer 3: graphics

3D NHL Scoreboards 2.png
3D CHL Scoreboards 2.png
Scoreboard Concepts.png